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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of desensitizer on shear bond strength of adhesive resin cements for all ceramic crown. For this study, Gluma $desensitizer^{(R)}$(Heraeus Kulzer, Germany) and MS $Coat^{(R)}$(Sun medical, Japan) were used as desensitizer, and Bistite $II^{(R)}$ resin cement(Tokuyama, Japan) and Variolink $II^{(R)}$ resin cement (Ivoclar, Liechtenstein) were used. IPS Empress ceramics were bonded to dentin surfaces after application of desensitizer and shear bond strength of specimens were measured using UTM(Zwick 1456 41. Zwick, Germany) at a crosshead speed of 1mm/min. The obtained results were as follows : 1. The shear bond strength of both resin cements were not affected by Gluma $desensitizer^{(R)}$ containing HEMA 2. The shear bond strength of Bistite $II^{(R)}$ resin cement was significantly decreased by MS $Coat^{(R)}$. 3. The failure mode in MS $Coat^{(R)}-Bistite \;II^{(R)}$ group was mainly adhesive type between dentin and resin cement. but that of Gluma $desensitizer^{(R)}$-Variolink $II^{(R)}$ group was mainly mixed type, combined adhesive failures between dentin and resin cement or porcelain and resin cement.

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