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논문 상세정보

`Tectonic`과 Carlo Scarpa 건축(建築)에서의 디테일에 대한 존재론적(存在論的) 이해(理解)에 관한 연구(硏究) -Heidegger의 실존(實存) 현상학적(現象學的) 사유방식(思惟方式)을 중심(中心)으로

A Study on the Ontological Apprehension of 'Tectonic' and Architectural Details in Carlo Scarpa's Architecture - focused on the way of thinking through Heidegger's existential phenomenology -


The recently published papers and essays regarding 'tectonic' bring us to rumination of its importance on comprehending modern architectural process. Many architectural theorists may seem to seek the substance of architecture through the discussion of 'tectonic' for the purpose of overcoming the dilemma of representation which can be easily found in modern architectural forms. Their emphasizing on its double-faced aspect as the manner of representation, that is semantic and aesthetic, may imply the significance of philosophical approach especially to the recent architectural phenomena. From this point, it ought to be meaningful to manifest etymological connection between the terms with semantic analysis and interpret the substance and ontological meaning of 'tectonic' referring Martin Heidegger's existential philosophy. Besides the works of Carlo Scarpa, that are known as the art of making, are exampled to prove the way how the ontological meaning of practical act is exposed on an artwork. The idea of 'tectonic' connotes not only technological aspect as construction of form and space, but also ontological aspect as joint or detail, that is the result of logos. The 'tectonic' means etymologically 'joint' having double-meaning structure, technology and aesthetics. It means 'detail' as minimum units of architectural form and as sites where making relationship or connection takes place in the way of ontological apprehension. The 'detail' as the place of innovation and invention implies the culture of an area, and expresses craftsmanship, which modem architecture buries in oblivion. This study aims to deviate from the aesthetical commercialization in which the modern architecture tends to fall, and further, propose the possible way to succeed traditional locality in an epistemological point of view.

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