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논문 상세정보

조선 후기 관영건축공사(官營建築工事)의 재원과 비용 절감 방안에 관한 연구

A Study on Finances and Factors of weighting Cost in Government Constructions in the Late of Chosun Dynasty


Since the 17th century, the finance for the government construction was demanded unlike the early chosun dynasty. It was consequent upon a transition in the supply method of materials and labors for the construction. The government construction being enforced in chronic financial difficulties had to undergo lack of funds. Especially, a rising construction cost by purchasing lots of materials including wood, and by employing labors weighted the difficulties. In order to put forward a construction, new and various efforts besides diversification in sources of finance ad been looked for. The efforts were driven in three parts which were to be the management of labor and materials, and the way of construction execution. As a result of spending a great effort to save cost, an extinguished improvement in the way of construction execution came out with 'Injungjeon-yeongkweon' in the year 1805.

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