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논문 상세정보

시공(時空)과 음양오행(陰陽五行) -한의학의 사고체계

Space-time and The theory of Eumyang-ohaeng -way of thinking in the standpoint of Oriental Medicine-


Eumyang-ohaeng[陰陽五行-Eumyang and five phases], as a standing rule that establishes the theory of Oriental medicine and origin of the oriental philosophy, it provides the perspective of the oriental medicine's outlook of the world. Without knowing the Eumyang-ohaeng, we cannot discuss Oriental medicine, nor can we understand the oriental way of thinking. Time and Space is what the human being created in order to explain the existence and change of matters. There is a common denominator between this universal concept of time and space and the theory of Eumyang-ohaeng. Consequently this paper investigates how characteristics of Eumyang-ohaeng and that of time and space matches Eumyang represents all matter and its characteristic, by comparison with each other space, and Ohaeng shows the change of matter with time gradually and sequancely. But this separation is only a separation by words, they really melt into one like two sides of a coin is actually just one coin. After all the theory of Eumyang-ohaeng is a theory that leads us to realize time and space, matter and power are all just one. So consequently, despite the difference in mass or size or longevity of matters, Eumyang-ohaeng pulls all matter into one body. It's why Eumyang-ohaeng is defined as the unified theory of time and space.

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