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논문 상세정보


RP(Rapid Prototyping) has been used in the various industrial applications. This paper presents the optimization techniques fur fabricated 3D model design using RP machine for the medical field. Once the original brain model data are obtained from 2D slices of MRI/CT machine, the data can be modeled as an optimal ellipse. The objective of this study includes optimization of fabrication time and surface roughness using the adaptive slicing method. It can reduce fabrication time without losing surface roughness quality by accumulating the slices with variable thickness. According to the parameter tuning and synthesis of its effect, more suitable parameter values can be obtained by enhanced 3D brain model fabrication. Therefore, accurate 3D brain model fabricated by RP machine can enable a surgeon to perform pre-operation. to make a decision for the operation sequence and to perceive the 3D positions in prototype, before delicate operation of actual surgery.

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