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논문 상세정보

여름철 도시의 일상생활에서 경험하는 환경온도와 온냉감 평가

24 hours' Exposed Temperature and Thermal Comfort in Summer


All the outdoor and indoor spaces are connected with each other. The human being moves toward those spaces with temperature fluctuation between the natural and artificial temperature. We conducted an experiment which subjects were wearing the data logger in urban life, and measured 24 hours' exposed temperature and thermal comfort in summer. Results were as follows. 1. Subjects controls their micro climate like this. Most of them(84.6%) get weather information. Fashion(46.2%) and weather(30.8%) are the reasons to select clothes. They spend their time in indoor environment for 84.92% hours of a day and have an air-conditioner(61.5%) in their houses. 2. Temperature fluctuation which subjects were exposed for 24 hours were from 15.6$^{\circ}C$ to 33.8$^{\circ}C$ and average fluctuation was 9.02$^{\circ}C$. The median value of experienced temperature were 26-26.5$^{\circ}C$ and average temperature was 26.18$^{\circ}C$. They experienced cold shock of 3.96 times in a day.

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