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논문 상세정보

A simple Model for Separation of the Tsushima Current Stream Core by the Tsushima Island: a small viscosity limit


Recent observations reveal that the Tsushima Current has a double-cored structure downstream of the Tsushima Island. To explain this, a simple analytical model is proposed based on the assumption of small lateral eddy viscosity. This model suggests that an otherwise uniform current becomes to have a stream core immediately after it enters a channel due to the action of lateral friction. The core is initially broad but becomes sharper downstream. The speed at which the core develops depends on the intensity of lateral eddy viscosity. Likewise, a single-cored stream changes rapidly to a double-cored stream when it passes through an island located in the center of the channel. When the stream leaves the island behind, the reverse process from the double-to single-cored structures takes place. In this case, however, the double-cored structure is retained for a significant distance from the island. Overall, this model suggests that the double-cored structure of the Tsushima Current observed downstream of the Tsushima Island Is created by the lateral friction exerted by the Tsushima Island.

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