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논문 상세정보

금형냉각법에 따른 열간 단조 금형의 수명 평가

Estimation of Die Service Life for Die Cooling Method in Hot Forging


Dies may have to be replaced for a number of reasons, such as changes in dimensions due to die wear or plastic deformation, deterioration of the surface finish, break down of lubrication and cracking or breakage. In this paper, die cooling methods have been suggested to improve die service life considering die wear and plastic deformation in hot forging process. The yield strength of die decreases at higher temperatures and is dependent on hardness. Also, to evaluate die life due to wear, modified Archard's wear model has been proposed by considering the thermal softening of die expressed in terms of the main tempering curve. It was found that the use of die with cooling hole was more effective than that of direct cooling method to increase the die service life for spindle component.

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