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논문 상세정보

계층과정 분석을 이용한 CRM 평가 모델 개발에 관한 연구

-A Study on Development of CRM Evaluation Model Using AHP-


This study tries to grasp common problems which most companies utilizing CRM are facing and present solutions to such problems in utilizing CRM. For these purposes, we try to determine the most important and most urgent factors in CRM utilization by using AHP, one of the Multi-criteria decision-making methods proposed by Satty. AHP is widely used for determining relative magnitude per evaluation item, i. e. priority on problems and is expected to make more systematic and objective evaluations than conventional methods do. Even in the present situation where any general criterion on CRM dose not exist, utilization of CRM is expected to be actively continued, which will cause many problems. In this regard, evaluating CRM counts. This study also tries to present a model applicable to such CRM evaluations

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