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논문 상세정보

JXTA를 이용한 P2P 기반 자료공유시스템(JDSS)의 구현

Implementation of a P2P-based Data Sharing System using JXTA


P2P systems have been studied by many researchers in universities and commercial firms in recent years. In this study. we design and implement a system that makes UP for shortcomings of currently available P2P systems. Gnutella and Napster. The study also includes an efficiency analysis scheme conducted through a series of experimental data. The data sharing system of the study demonstrated duality of roles(client, service) of peers. But, their roles were separated from the existing client-server systems. Also, the study implements mechanism that shows the redundancy of data to communicate efficiently among peers for transferring data. The results of performance measure of the system shows that the amount of information shared by peers increases as the amount of peers increases but with no significant increase in response time. This constant response time is far more stable and faster than current file sharing systems. such as Gnutella and Napster. Business applications such as knowledge management, enterprise information portal management and transfer of data are done by use of supercomputers. They need to extend their systems to equip with more capacity and throughput as the number of clients increases. Moreover, they will face with more complicated problems if integration with new systems exists. If this JDSS is introduced to these business applications. it would easily augment scalability of the system with high performance at less expense.

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