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논문 상세정보

일 도시 대학병원 환자의 서비스 만족도

Patients' Satisfaction with the Services of University Hospitals in Local Cities


Introduction: This study was conducted to investigate patients' satisfaction with hospital services at a university hospital in G city. Methods: The subjects of this study were 92 inpatients and data were collected during the period from March to April 2003. The research tool used was a 24-item scale(Cronbach' a= .768) on patients' satisfaction with two subcategories of services: 18 items on hospital human resources(a= .722) and 6 items on hospital environment(a= .700). Data were analyzed through $x^2$-test, t-test and ANOVA using SPSS/PC. Results: The level of patients' satisfaction was $38.4{\pm}3.77$ on hospital services $27.6{\pm}6.14$ on hospital human resources, and $10.8{\pm}2.39$ on hospital environment on the average. Satisfaction related to hospital human resources was higher in male subjects (t = 4.15, p = .003) and in those who stayed longer than 15 days (t= 4.404, p= .039) than the others, and also higher in those who replied that all items related to hospital facilities are satisfactory except the parking lot. Satisfaction related to hospital environment was significantly higher in more educated subjects(F = 2.945, p= .037) and in those who replied that all items related to hospital facilities are satisfactory or appropriate except the parking lot and admission procedure. Conclusions: Length of stay and the level of accessibility and appropriateness of hospital facilities were found to be factors that have significant effects on patients' satisfaction.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (2)

  1. Chung, Ihn-Hee ; Lee, Yun-Jung 2010. "Consumer Satisfaction with Medical Services and Hospital Patient Gowns" 한국의류학회지 = Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles, 34(3): 401~410 
  2. Lee, Ho-Shik 2015. "Compare of the Recognition by College Students about Hospital Service" 보건의료산업학회지 = The Korean journal of health service management, 9(3): 267~276 


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