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Statement of problem : In cemented implant-supported porstheses, it is still controversy what kind of cement to use. However, the effect of thermocycling on retentive strength of cemented implant-supported prostheses has not been well investigated. Purpose : This study was tested to evaluate the effects of various cements and thermocycling on retentive strengths of cemented implant-supported prostheses. Material and methods : Prefabricated implant abutments, height 5mm, diameter 6mm, 3-degree taper per side, with light chamfer margins were used. Ten specimens of two-unit fred partial denture were fabricated. The luting agents used for this study were three provisional luting agents which were Temp bond, Temp bond NE, IRM and four permanent luting agents which were Panavia F, Fuji-cem, Hy-bond Zinc cement, Hy-bond Polycarboxylate cement. 24 hours after cementation. the retentive strengths were measured by the universal testing machine with a cross-head speed of 0.5mm/min. Then cementation procedures were repeated and specimens were thermocycled 1000 times at temperature of $5^{\circ}C$ and $55^{\circ}C$. After thermocycling, the retentive strengths were measured. Results : Before thermocycling, the retentive strengths were decreased with the sequence of Panavia F. Fuji-cem. Hy-bond Zinc cement. Hy-bond Polycarboxylate cement, IRM, Temp bond NE and Temp bond, and there were significant differences among each groups(p0.05). The retentive strengths before and after thermocycling showed significant differences in Hy-bond Zinc cement. IRM, Temp bond NE and Temp bond(p<0.05). Conclusion : Within the limitation of this study, thermocycling do not affect the retentive strengths of permanent luting agents but the retentive strengths of temporary cements were reduced significantly after thermocyling.

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