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논문 상세정보

Hugo $H\\"{a}ring$의 '신건축(Neues Bauen)' 사상과 그 이론 발전의 상징론적 측면에 대한 고찰

A study on Hugo $H\\"{a}ring's$ Theory of 'Neues Bauen' and its Symbolic Meaning


Hugo $H\"{a}ring$(1882-1952) belonged to that special generation of architects born in the 1880s which became responsible for the establishment of Modern Movement in the 1920s as W. Gropius, Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, etc. Although he have been overlooked by many historian, He was a key figure of the Modern architecture and as the main theorist for Organic stream in German architecture. He is well-known for his theory of 'Neues Bauen(New Building)', the organic functionalism that is epitomized as the design process from the inside outwards, starting with the life-processes of dwelling. So he argued that the builder must become aware of the life process his building is to serve, and he should not impose a form but try to find the form. These concepts are expressed well in his key-words, the 'Organwerk(organ-work)' and 'Leistungsform(form as achievement)'s. $H\"{a}ring's$ theory can be found in the short early essay, 'Wege zur Form(approaches to form)' of 1925. But His concept of 'function' is based on the speciality and individual identity that concerned him from the start, not purely pragmatic aspects. After 1940s his theory moved increasingly in this direction. He defined this as the transition from 'Organwerk' to 'Gesetaltwerk', from mere anatomy to essence, being, personality, life. It suggest that Hugo Haring's idea of Gestalt is a dimension of mystical or symbolic meaning. This paper Is about the way in which this theoretical transition can be parallel with contemporary philosophers as E. Cassirer's philosophy of symbolic forms and M. Heldegger's phenomenology. And the key example of this viewpoint is (1921-1926) near Lubuk in Germany, with its 'cowshed' of pear shaped plan devised around the requirements and rituals of farm. This study presents the symbolic conception of Hugo $H\"{a}ring's$ theory can propose the ability of a symbolic intuition as a view that re-integrate technical thinking with knowledge of other kinds beyond the immediate material.

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