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논문 상세정보

Effects of Pool Subcooling on Boiling Heat Transfer in an Annulus


Effects of liquid subcooling on pool boiling heat transfer in an annulus with an open bottom have been investigated experimentally. A tube of 19.1mm diameter and the water at atmospheric pressure have been used for the fest. Up to $50^{\circ}C$ of liquid subcooling has been tested and experimental data of the annulus have been compared with the data of a single unrestricted tube. Temperatures on the heated tube surface fluctuate only slightly regardless of the heat flux in the annulus, whereas high variation is observed on the surface of the single tube. An increase in the degree of subcooling decreases heat transfer coefficients greatly both for the single tube and the annulus. Heat transfer coefficients increase suddenly at ${\Delta}T_{sub}\;{\le}\;10^{\circ}C$ and much greater change in heat transfer coefficients is observed at the annulus. To obtain effects of subcooling on heat transfer quantitatively, two new empirical equations have been suggested, and the correlations predict the empirical data within ${\pm}30\%$ error bound excluding some data at lower heat transfer coefficients.

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