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논문 상세정보

3-D CFD Analysis of the CANDU-6 Moderator Circulation Under Nnormal Operating Conditions


A computational fluid dynamics model for predicting moderator circulation inside the Canada deuterium uranium (CANDU) reactor vessel has been developed to estimate the local subcooling of the moderator in the vicinity of the calandria tubes. The buoyancy effect induced by the internal heating is accounted for by the Boussinesq approximation. The standard $k-{\varepsilon}$ turbulence model with logarithmic wall treatment is applied to predict the turbulent jet flows from the inlet nozzles. The matrix of the calandria tubes in the core region is simplified to a porous media in which the anisotropic hydraulic impedance is modeled using an empirical correlation of pressure loss. The governing equations are solved by DFX-4.4, a commercial CFD code developed by AEA technology. The resultant flow patterns of the constant-z slices containing the inlet nozzles and the outlet port are "mined-type", as observed in the former 2-dimensional experimental investigations. With 103% full power for conservatism, the maximum temperature of the moderator is $82.9^{\circ}C$ at the top of the core region. Considering the hydrostatic pressure change, the minimum subcooling is $24.8^{\circ}C$.

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