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논문 상세정보


Four isoflavonoids and three flavonoids, and a gallotannin were isolated from the fruits of Sophora japonica (Leguminosae). Their structures were identified as genistein (1), sophoricoside (2), genistein-4'-O--L-rhamnopyranoside (3), $genistein-4'-O-{\alpha}-L-rhamnopyranosly-(1{\rightarrow}2)-{\beta}-D-glucopyranoside$ (4), $kaempferol-3-O-{\alpha}-D-sophoroside$ (5), $kaempferol-3-O-{\beta}-D-glucopyranosyl-(1{\rightarrow}2)-{\alpha}-L-rhamnopyranosly-(1{\rightarrow}6)-{\beta}-D-glucopyranoside$ (6), rutin (7) and gallic acid $4-O-{\beta}-D-(6'-O-galloyl)-glucopyranoside$ (8) by chemical and spectroscopic analysis and comparisons with previously reported spectral data. Compounds 3 and 8 were isolated for the first time from this plant. Anti-oxidative activity was evaluated for the isolated compounds. 8 exhibited potent anti-oxidative activity against the radical scavenging ability of DPPH with the $IC_{50}$ value of $17.1\;{\mu}g/ml$.

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