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논문 상세정보


The chromatographic separation of the MeOH extract of the aerial parts from Aster hispidus (Compositae) led to the isolation of eight compounds. Their structures were established by spectroscopic methods to be ${\beta}-amyrin$ (1), oleanolic acid (2), (2R)-1, 2-O-(9Z, 12Z, $15Z-dioctadecatrienoyl)-3-O-{\beta}-D-galactopyranosyl\;glycerol$ (3), trans-phytol (4), 9, 12, 15-octadecatrienoic acid (5), kaempferol (6), 3,5-dicaffeoyl quinic acid (7), 3,4-dicaffeoyl quinic acid (8) and kaempferol-3-O-rutinoside (9). Compounds 1, $3{\sim}6$ and 9 showed non-specific moderate cytotoxicity against five human tumor cell lines $(5.44{\sim}23.51\;{\mu}g/ml)$. The other compounds were of marginal activity against tested five human cancer cell lines $(9.05{\sim}>30.0\;{\mu}g/ml)$.

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