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논문 상세정보


In order to elucidate the possibility of artificial production of p. ferulae by solid-state culture, the optimization of culture conditions was carried out. When $NH_4H_2PO_4$ and $CaCO_3$ were used in the cultures using test tube with 30 g of Populus sawdust at $25^{\circ}C{\pm}1$ in the dark, the favored mycelial growth was observed with $1\%$ of $NH_4H_2PO_4$ and the production of polysaccharide was 7.85 mg/100 mg of mycelium with $1\%$ of $CaCO_3$. The mixtures of $80\%$ of Populus Sawdust and $20\%$ of rice bran at $60\%$ of water content were determined to be optimal for the production of fruiting bodies in the sawdust culture. When three treatments containing various ratios of garlic powder were conducted, yields of fruiting bodies were drasti[ally higher than those of Synthetic mixture without garlic powder The highest yield (143 g/bag) was obtained with $7\%$ garlic powder. The yield of synthetic mixture containing $7\%$ of garlic powder was $83\%$ higher than that of Sawdust culture. The reason why garlic powder did support growth was not clear but it is possible that garlic powder might contain effective components for the formation of fruiting body. The optimal synthetic mixture composition consisted of cotton seed $77\%$, lime $6.4\%,\;K_2HPO_4\;0.2\%,\;KH_2PO_4\;0.2\%,\;CaHPO_4\;0.2\%$, corn flour $4\%$, wheat flour $5\%$, and garlic pow-der $7\%$.

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