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침입감내 소프트웨어 모델링을 위한 요구사항 추출 및 명세

Extraction and Specification of Requirements for Intrusion Tolerant Software Modeling


Current distributed systems are attacked from the outside as well as in which new intrusions are occurred. In particular there is a growing but largely unnoticed intrusion threat due to the emerging middleware technologies such as CORBA, WAP, XML support, and enterprise application integrators. In order to cope with these attacks, intrusion tolerance technology is introduced. Intrusion tolerance technology means that it can provide services normally although attacks are occurred into system. There are intrusion tolerance architectures such as ITUA, HACQIT, SITAR, and so on as a part of DARPA project. In this paper, we analyze and discuss existing intrusion tolerance architectures with respect to intrusion tolerance technology. Also, we extract intrusion tolerant requirements, which are required to develop ,intrusion tolerant system. We propose UML-IT(Intrusion Tolerance) profiles and specify intrusion tolerant software by applying UML-IT profiles.

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