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논문 상세정보

Ontology Versions Management on the Semantic Web


In the last few years, The Semantic Web has increased the interest in ontologies. Ontology is an essential component of the semantic web. Ontologies continue to change and evolve. We consider the management of versions in ontology. We study a set of changes based on domain changes, changes in conceptualization, metadata changes, and temporal dimension. In many cases, we want to be able to search in historical versions, query changes in versions, retrieve versions on the temporal dimension. In order to support an ontology query language that supports temporal operations, we consider temporal dimension includes transaction time and valid time. Ontology versioning brings about massive amount of versions to be stored and maintained. We present the storage policies that are storing all the versions, all the sequence of changed element, all the change sets, the aggregation of change sets periodically, and the aggregation of change sets using a criterion. We conduct a set of experiments to compare the performance of each storage policies. We present the experimental results for evaluating the performance of different storage policies from scheme 1 to scheme 5.

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