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논문 상세정보

게르마늄 및 게르마늄 분말 용해수로 재배한 콩나물의 위암세포 성장억제 작용

The Growth Inhibition against Gastric Cancer Cell in Germanium or Soybean Sprouts Cultured with Germanium


The growth inhibitory effect of germanium, or soybean sprouts cultured with germanium, on cancer cells was determined in the cultured gastric cancer cell line, AGS. The growth of AGS was significantly inhibited by the addition of 0.01-1% organic germanium (Ge-132) and germanium stone powder in MTT cytotoxicity assays. The juice from germanium treated soybean sprouts (GTS) inhibited the growth of AGS gastric cancer cells by 78-88% at concentrations of 2.5 or 5${\mu}\ell$. The juice from Seomoktae GTS revealed an especially higher growth inhibitory effect than that from the control soybean sprouts (germanium non-treated soybean sprouts, GNTS) in AGS. The results suggest that soybean sprouts cultured with germanium may exert an anticancer effect against gastric cancer cells.

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