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논문 상세정보

공압 제진 시스템의 해석과 설계: II. 시뮬레이션, 실험과 설계 최적화

Analysis and Design of a Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System: Part II. Simulation, Experimental Verification and Design Optimization


This is the second of two companion papers concerned with the analysis and design of a pneumatic vibration isolation system. The properties of the system are clarified by observation of the transmissibility surface calculated by the models and algorithm developed in the first paper of this research. It Is shown that the nonlinear model proposed in this research is more closer to experimental results than the linear model that have been used in previous studies. The design optimization of the major design variables that affect the performance of the system is achieved by using the condition for attenuation, disturbance rejection and maximum damping in resonance peak. The design space search method is adopted for the optimization of the orifice area. The models, transmissibility calculation algorithms and design optimization techniques developed in this research are shown to be greatly helpful to the optimal design of the pneumatic vibration isolation system by experiment.

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