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논문 상세정보

Simulations of Capacitively Coupled Plasmas Between Unequal-sized Powered and Grounded Electrodes Using One- and Two-dimensional Fluid Models


We have examined a technique of one-dimensional (1D) fluid modeling for radio-frequency Ar capacitively coupled plasmas (CCP) between unequal-sized powered and grounded electrodes. In order to simulate a practical CCP reactor configuration with a grounded side wall by the 1D model, it has been assumed that the discharge space has a conic frustum shape; the grounded electrode is larger than the powered one and the discharge space expands with the distance from the powered electrode. In this paper, we focus on how much a 1D model can approximate a 2D model and evaluate their comparisons. The plasma density calculated by the 1D model has been compared with that by a two-dimensional (2D) fluid model, and a qualitative agreement between them has been obtained. In addition, 1D and 2D calculation results for another reactor configuration with equal-sized electrodes have also been presented together for comparison. In the discussion, four CCP models, which are 1D and 2D models with symmetric and asymmetric geometries, are compared with each other and the DC self-bias voltage has been focused on as a characteristic property that reflects the unequal electrode surface areas. Reactor configuration and experimental parameters, which the self-bias depends on, have been investigated to develop the ID modeling for reactor geometry with unequal-sized electrodes.

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