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논문 상세정보


In the current age of the information oriented society in which we live, many people use PCs and are dependant on the databases provided by the network server. However, online data can be missed during the occurrence of a blackout and furthermore, power failure can greatly effect Power Quality. This has resulted in the trend of using interruption-free live-line work when trouble occurs in a power system. However, 83% of the population receives an electric shock experience when a laborer is performing interruption-free live-line work. In the interruption-free method, education and training problems have been pinpointed. However, there are few instructors to implement the necessary training. Furthermore, the trainees undergo only a short training period of just 4 weeks. In this paper, to develop a method with no restrictions on time and place and to ensure a reduction in the misuse of materials, immersion type virtual reality (or environment) technology is used. The users of a 3D immersion type VR training system can interact with the system by performing the equivalent action in a safe environment. Thus, it can be valuable to apply this training system to such dangerous work as 'Interruption-free live-line work exchanging COS (Cut-Out-Switch)'. In this program, the user carries out work according to instructions displayed through the window and speaker and cannot perform other tasks until each part of the task is completed in the proper sequence. The workers using this system can utilize their hands and viewpoint movement since they are in a real environment but the trainee cannot use all parts and senses of a real body with the current VR technology. Despite these weak points, when we consider the trends of improvement in electrical devices and communication technology, we can say that 3D graphic VR application has high potentiality.

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