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This paper presents a new approach to HVDC system control for damping subsynchronous oscillation (SSO) involving HVDC converters and turbine generator shaft systems. This requires a novel eigenvalue analysis (NEA) program, derivation of HVDC system modeling considering steady-state conditions and dynamic conditions in the combined AC/DC system, and an appropriate control scheme. The method suggested makes possible the design of a subsynchronous oscillation damping controller (SODC) to provide positive damping torque for the range of torsional modes in combined AC/DC systems. There are three steps involved in the design of a SODC; first the worst torsional mode is determined using the NEA program, next the SODC parameters are designed for the range of that torsional mode, and then finally an off-line simultaneous time domain program such as PSCAD/EMTDC is used to verify the parameters of the SODC. The suggested SODC design method is applied to two AC/DC systems, and its practicality is verified using the PSCAD/EMTDC simulation program.

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