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Causes of rhabdomyolysis can be divided into traumatic and nontraumatic, Among the nontraumatic rhabdomyolysis, it is known that ingestion of drugs is one of the common causes. However, there have been few reports that benzodiazepine overdose causes rhabdomyolysis, moreover there was no report about rhabdomyolysis after alprazolam overdose. We experienced a case of rhabdomyolysis after alprazolam overdose. A 51-year-old woman was brought to the emergency room 11 hours after ingestion of 30 tablets (15 mg) of alprazolam in a suicidal attempt. On admission she was comatose and her CK level was 8,290 lUlL. The CK level increased up to 25,598 IU/L 10 hours after admission, but she became alert on the third day. Subsequently the CK level decreased gradually with supportive care without renal impairment and she discharged from the hospital on the $10^{th}$ day. Although a pressure effect on the dependent portion of the body due to mental alteration before admission might have caused the rhabdomyolysis, the alprazolam, per se, cannat be ruled out for the cause.

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