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논문 상세정보

고속도로변 폐쇄회로 카메라 영상에서 트래킹에 의한 교통정보수집 알고리즘

An Algorithm for Collecting Traffic Information by Vehicle Tracking Method from CCTV Camera Images on the Highway


There are many inductive loop detectors under the highways in Korea. Among the other detectors, some are image detectors. Almost all image detectors are focused one or two lane of the road and are measuring traffic information. This paper proposes to an algorithm for detecting traffic information automatically from CCTV camera images installed on the highway. The information which is counted in one lane or two contains some critical errors by occlusion frequently in case of passing larger vehicles. In this paper, we use a tracking algorithm in which the detection area include all lanes, then the traffic informations are collected from the vehicles individually using difference images in this detection area. This tracking algorithm is better than lane by lane detecting algorithm. The experiment have been conducted two different real road scenes for 20 minutes. For the experiments, the images are provided with CCTV camera which was installed at Kiheung Interchange upstream of Kyongbu highway, and video recording images at Chungkye Tunnel. For image processing, images captured by frame-grabber board 30 frames per second, 640${\times}$480 pixels resolution and 256 gray-levels to reduce the total amount of data to be Interpreted.

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