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논문 상세정보

슬관절 전치환술 시행 후 CPM과 PNF 치료에 따른 효과 비교

Comparison Analysis of Effectiveness of CPM and PNF Treatments after Total Knee Replacement


Objective : Compare the results of CPM and PNF in recovery rates when applied as an initial physical therapy. Methods : Randomly selected 19 patients who underwent through total knee replacement surgery. 23 cases were studied and divided into 12 CPM and 11 PNF cases. CPM case was carried out for 60 minutes, a maximum allowed exercise without pain. PNF case was carried out for 20 minutes by a therapist to a patient as 'one on one'. Result : Result showed that PNF treatment was increased significantly at P<0.05 in flexor muscle strength in 8 days after the surgery. Conclusion : The study revealed that in comparison with CPM, PNF was more effective treatment increase of flexor muscle strength in rehabilitation on after total knee replacement surgery.

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