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논문 상세정보


Modified virtual crack closure integral (MVCCI) technique has become very popular for computation of strain energy release rate (SERR) and stress intensity factor (SIF) for 2-D crack problems. The objective of this paper is to propose a numerical integration procedure for MVCCI so as to generalize the technique and make its application much wider. This new procedure called as numerically integrated MVCCI (NI-MVCCI) will remove the dependence of MVCCI equations on the type of finite element employed in the basic stress analysis. Numerical studies on fracture analysis of 2-D crack (mode I and II) problems have been conducted by employing 4-noded, 8-noded (regular & quarter-point), 9-noded and 12-noded finite elements. For non-singular (regular) elements at crack tip, NI-MVCCI technique generates the same results as MVCCI, but the advantage for higher order regular and singular elements is that complex equations for MVCCI need not be derived. Gauss numerical integration rule to be employed for 8-noded singular (quarter-point) element for accurate computation of SERR and SIF has been recommended based on the numerical studies.

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