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논문 상세정보

간호대학생의 방문이동목욕 봉사경험 연구

A Study on Nursing Students' Volunteer Experience in Visiting Ambulatory Bathing Service


Purpose: 'The purpose of the present study was to understand students' experiences from their standpoint, to identify relevant variables and to examine into their relations by analyzing and describing what phenomenon 'nursing students' visiting ambulatory bathing service' is, what are the reasons for the phenomenon, and what interactions are in the phenomenon. Method: The subjects were thirteen students. Data were collected through in-depth interviews and analyzed by Strauss and Corbin's analysis method. Result: With regard to ambulatory bathing service, participants responded 'lack of education', 'inexperienced personal relations' and 'disappointment with recipients families'. They recognized 'burden' and 'compassion'. The intensity of generated 'burden' and 'compassion' was determined by volunteering persons, the degree of health care service, recipients' response and interaction of climate. When 'burden' and 'compassion' were generated, participants selected their own coping strategies. Strategies in the situation of 'burden' and 'compassion' were significantly influenced by 'burden' and 'compassion' and structural situation - 'mutual relation structure,' 'volunteers' capability,' 'the degree of volunteering guidance,' 'community participation,' 'recipients' environment,' 'information sharing,' 'special vehicle equipment' and 'economical burden.' Strategies include' service training,' 'receiving volunteering training,' 'preliminary service preparation,' 'volunteering.' 'connection to local medical center,' 'intention,' 'information sharing,' 'passive response to recipients' appreciation' and 'the understanding of publicity'. The results of selected 'burden' and 'compassion' are described with 'worthiness' and 'cohesion' as follows. Conclusion: This study is significantly meaningful in that it examined bathing service welfare in its initial stage. There are not much outcome from previous studies. However. it is meaningful that this study intended to develop theories on the nature of experiences and the relations among concepts derived from the visiting ambulatory bathing service process of nursing students. Professors who taught social volunteering in universities understood the experience of nursing students who did the visiting ambulatory bathing service. Consequently, professors will provide an effective instruction to enable these students to carry out visiting ambulatory bathing services efficiently in order to meet demands when they conduct the services. For the volunteering service activity in major-related fields among college students' social volunteering activities, they recognized the necessity of systematic education and preparation.

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