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논문 상세정보

인천광역시 일 보건소 대도시 방문보건사업의 평가 연구

Evaluation Study of Home Health Care Program Operated in G Public Health Center


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the achievements of the project, and also to find out its strengths and weaknesses. Method: This evaluative study employed system theory and analytic techniques by using criteria which were relevance, appropriateness, adequacy, progress, effectiveness and satisfaction for input, process, output, and outcome of program. Study subjects were participants in the home health care program implemented in G public health center in Inchon metropolitan city in 2003. Results: Input factors including recruitment personnel, and support organization development were not adequately met for the program. However. the goal and objectives of the project were really appropriate for the community needs as well as government's policy. For the Process evaluation, home health care record form and computer data base had not progressed as scheduled, but overall program activities were finished on time. However, cooperation between organizations in the health center during service activity were not supportive. Managerial ability of program charged personnel about coordination and integration of team members was not affirmative. Output and outcome evaluation showed that people improved self care ability were 221 (17.5%). and 71 (5.62%) of subjects were moved into category of possible self-care. Client's satisfaction for this project showed a high degree. Conclusions: Based on the above results support organization and staff personnel for this program should be developed. Also, a community network of resources should be established and case management services should be focused continuously in community based home health care.

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