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논문 상세정보

농촌형 노인 주간보호시설 모형개발

Development of a Model of a Day Care Center for Rural Elderly People


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to develop a day care center model focused on public health institutions for the elderly residing in their homes. Method: Research design for this study was a mult-level research, which consisted of a related literature review, an Internet search for knowledge of the current situation at home and abroad, on-site interviews, questionnaires collected from a sample of residents in a rural area, and a key-informants approach. Results: 1) The subjects of service - Generalized service should be provided to the elderly, 65 years and older, regardless of their assets. 2) The contents of service - Providing pre-health oriented and post-social welfare service that can integrate and satisfy a wide variety of public health and welfare needs of the elderly would strengthen the health care service of a day care center for the elderly. 3) Delivery system - Basic-level local self-governments should become a central operating body, and establishing a properly adjusted delivery system to a rural area after considering the efficiency and the access of vulnerable rural areas is needed based on modification of 'a Special Law for Agricultural and Fishery Areas' (rural public health center>rural health sub-center ${\rightarrow}$ unified health sub-center ${\rightarrow}$ public health hospital (public health center) ${\rightarrow}$ public welfare office). 4) Facility - Public health facilities such as public health centers and sub-centers should be located in areas that can easily access the facilities. 5) Funding - For day care center for the elderly in local self-government, the central government should modify a relevant implementation of subsidy in and provide some facilities and service regardless of the degree of self reliance of local self-government. 6) Human resources - It is needed to guarantee the period of workers of a day care center for the elderly, at least 3 to 5 years, with considering their specialty on aged care and avoiding circulation based positions. Furthermore, appropriate specially trained personnel such as medical workers and social workers should be placed to take care of both health service and welfare through strengthening of 'rules of law of elderly welfare,' Conclusion: future research is needed to test the model through a demonstration study using a model which may be developed in the future and to standardize the appraisal criteria of people hoping to enter a day care center for the elderly.

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  1. Park, yeon-Hwan 2007. "The Current Status of Adult Day Care in Korea - Operation, Staffing, and Service -" 대한간호학회지= Journal of Korean academy of nursing, 37(4): 613~623 


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