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논문 상세정보

연안 어장에서의 불법 조업 어선의 탐지, 식별 및 감시 시스템 개발

Detection, Identification and Surveillance System Development of Illegal Fishing Vessels in Inshore Fishing Ground


A real-time surveillance system of the inshore fishing ground was constructed to identify and detect discrete targets, such as illegal fishing vessels. This paper describes measurements made with a combination of sensors, such as radar, CCTV camera, and GPS receivers, for monitoring the fishing activity of small vessels within the fishing limit zones of the inshore waters. The CCTV camera system was used to confirm detection and to classify the type of target. The location of legal vessels distributed in coastal waters was acquired from each GPS system of ships connected to commercial satellite communication network. The surveillance system was networked via LAN to one host PC with the use of electronic navigational charts (ENC) and a radar link. Radar Target Extractor (RTX) for radar signal processing can be remotely accessed and controlled on existing PC via the internet, from anywhere, at any time. Results are presented that demonstrate the effectiveness of the newly constructed fisheries monitoring system for conducting continuous surveillance of illegal fishing vessels in the inshore fishing ground. The identification of illegal fishing vessels was achieved by comparing radar positions of illegal fishing vessels exceeding the warning limits in the surveillance area with GPS position reports transmitted from legal fishing vessels, and the illegal fishing vessels were marked with red symbols on the ENC screen of a PC. The methods to track the activities of all vessels intruding or leaving the fishing limit zones also were discussed.

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참고문헌 (3)

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