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논문 상세정보

한국 서해 새만금 갯벌에서 저서미세조류의 생체량과 군집조성에 대한 HPLC 분석

HPLC Analysis of Biomass and Community Composition of Microphytobenthos in the Saemankeum Tidal flat, West Coast of Korea


Biomass and community composition of microphytobenthos in the Saemankeum tidal flat were studied by HPLC analysis of the photosynthetic pigments from November 2001 to November 2002. The environmental factors of sediment were also investigated to examine the relationship between microphytobenthos biomass and sedimentary environments. The detected photosynthetic pigments of microphytobenthos were chlorophyll a, b, c, fucoxanthin, 19'-hexanoyloxyfucoxanthin, violaxanthin, diadinoxanthin, alloxanthin, diatoxanthin, zeaxanthin+lutein, peridinin and beta-carotene. Pheophytin a, the degradation product of chlorophyll a, was also detected. The results of pigmen analysis suggest the presence of diatom (fucoxanthin), euglenophytes (chlorophyll b), chlorophytes (chlorophyll b + lutein), cyanobacteria (zeaxanthin), cryptophytes (alloxanthin), chrysophytes (fucoxanthin + violaxanthin), prymnesiophytes (19'-hexanoyloxyfucoxanthin) and dinoflagellates (peridinin). Chlorophyll a concentration in the top 0.5 cm of sediment was in the range of $0.24\;mg{\cdot}m\^{-2}\;-32.11\;mg{\cdot}m\^{-2}$ in the study area. The increase of chlorophyll a concentration in the spring indicates the occurrence of a microphytobenthic bloom. In the summer, there was a sharp decrease of the chlorophyll a concentration which was probably due to high grazing activity by macrobenthos. The annual mean chlorophyll a concentration in the study area was low compared to that in most of other tidal flat areas probably due to active resuspension of microphytobenthos and high grazing activity by macrobenthos. There was no clear relationship between microphytobenthos biomass and sedimentary environments because of a large variety of physical, chemical and biological factors, Pigment analysis indicated that while diatoms were dominated in the microphytobenthic community of the Geojon tidal flat, euglenophytes and/or chlorophytes coexisted with diatoms in the Mangyung River tidal flat.

저자의 다른 논문

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