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논문 상세정보

어군탐지기를 이용한 인공어초 주변의 어군량 추정

Estimation of Fish School Abundance by Using an Echo Sounder in an Artificial Reef Area


The hydro-acoustic method is widely used for estimating biomass and distribution of fisheries resources along the coast and in the ocean. High costs and time are necessary to construct systems for this method and to initially educate specialists. It has been used in fisheries of advanced nations like Japan and Norway, because it is more efficient than other methods. In order to research the behavior of fish around an artificial reef using an echo sounder, volume backscattering strength (SV) and fish per cubic meter (FPCM) of darkbanded rockfish around the model artificial reef in a water tank were measured. Moreover, behavior of fish was observed in an adjacent artificial reef, which was constructed at Tongyeong marine ranching area. Following that, an acoustics survey was conducted at Mirukdo around the Tongyeong marine ranching area, in order to understand the spatial distribution and strength of fisheries resources. Very high patches of fish were found in a wide area around the artificial reef. It is thought that an approaching fish school around the artificial reef can be measured accurately by using an echo sounder of high resolution. Moreover, use of other monitoring methods like of diving or ROV simultaneous with an echo sounder is required in order to grasp the species and ecology of fish inhabiting the area around the artificial reef.

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