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논문 상세정보

리테르개멍게 (Halocynthia hilgendorfi ritteri)의 초기 발생

Early Development of the Ascidian (Halocynthia hilgendorfi ritteti)


Early development and metamorphosis of the ascidian (Halocynthia hilgendorfi ritteri) were investigated from fertilized egg. The samples were collected in the coastal waters of Yongdam, northwest of Jeju Island in November 2002. H. hilgendorfi ritteri was solitary ascidian and produced spheral eggs with egg size ranging from $0.33\pm0.01\;mm.$ On the outer surface of the vitelline coat are attached many follicle cells. At $21.0\pm0.5^{\circ}C$ of water temperature, first cleavage took place in about 1.5 hrs after fertilization, and gastrulation followed in about 12.5 hrs. The formation of tailbud embryos and free swimming larvae were observed 13.3 hrs and 20.5 hrs after fertilization, respectively. The size of newly hatched tadpole larva was 1.30-1.45 mm, the larva swam for 2 hrs to 14 hrs. At 4 hrs after hatching, the palpi were lost and tail absorption began with an abrupt rupture of the anterior end of the notochord. At 17-18 hrs after hatching, tail completely absorption and remained trunk. The coniform adhesive papilla began protrusion at 30 hrs after hatching. The oral and atrial siphon formed at 6-7 days after settlement. At 17-18 days after settlement, metamorphosed the larvae developed into protoascidian of which the external morphology was similar to their adult.

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