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논문 상세정보

광양만 잘피밭에 서식하는 단각류의 계절변동과 식성

Seasonal Variation and Feeding Habits of Amphipods Inhabiting Zostera marina Beds in Gwangyang Bay, Korea


On the basis of monthly samples, we investigated the seasonal variation and feeding habits of amphipods inhabiting Zostera marina beds in Gwangyang Bay. Dominant species $(>1\%$ of the total number of amphipods) consist of 5 gammarids (Gammaropsis japonicus, Jassa slatteryi, Pontogenia rostrata, Atylus collingi and Ceinina japonica) and 1 caprellid (Caprella tsugarensis). Mean densities of amphipods varied from the highest of $63,148\;ind.\;m^{-2}$ in-May to the lowest of $1,247\;ind.\;m^{-2}$ in September. G. japonicus and J. slatteryi dominated in summer whereas C. japonica in autumn and winter. C. japonica was found to be a carnivorous feeder consuming mainly harpacticoid copepods and unidentified crustaceans, whereas G. japonicus, J. slatteryi, and C. tsugarensis consumed both phytoplankton and detritus. Seasonal densities of amphipods were significantly related with the shoot standing crop of the eelgrass and its epiphyte. Also densities of amphipods displayed significant difference in related with the shoot density of the eelgrass among sampling stations. These results suggest that the biological interactions between the eelgrass and amphipods as well as between the carnivorous and the herbivorous amphipods may be important in the seasonal variation of amphipods inhabiting Z. marine beds.

저자의 다른 논문

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