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논문 상세정보

한국 남동해역 내대륙붕 세립퇴적물의 분포 및 퇴적작용

Sedimentation and Distribution Pattern of the Fine-grained Sediments in the Southeastern Inner Shelf of Korea


Sedimentation and depositional pattern of the fine-grained sediments in the southeastern inner shelf of Korea were studied using a very high-resolution seismic profiles and sediment data. The recent mud deposits up to 45 m thick are distributed in the inner shelf forming a nearshore belt from the eastern part of Geoje Island to off the Pohang along the coast. The sediment in this area consists of homogeneous mud with mean grain size between $8.6\;to\;5.3\phi$ and does not show any distinct variability It gradually becomes finer and well sorted northeastward along the coast. Sediments normally appear as structureless massive mud but X-radiographs show that some bioturbation and faint lamination are present. The sediments accumulate at a rate of 0.18-0.44 cm/yr and the rate coincides well with the long-term (a 1000-year scale) accumulation based on very high-resolution seismic data. Distribution of wet bulk density and velocity shows a gradual increase from the southeastern part of Ulsan to off Pohang, whereas porosity shows a reverse pattern. Correlations between velocity and porosity/mean grain size are different from other regions compared, due to the difference of sediment texture and sedimentary environment. The recent shelf deposits are seismically characterized by three distinct facies: 1) well-stratified (near the river mouth), 2) semi-transparent (eastern part of Geoje Island), and 3) transparent (off Ulsan). The results suggest that fine-grained sediment derived from rivers, forming a nearshore mud belt, have been transported northeastward by the northeastward-flowing coastal current.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Seo, Young-Kyo ; Lee, Gwang-Soo ; Kim, Dae-Choul ; Lee, Hi-Il 2011. "Study of Sedimentary Deposits using High Resolution Seismic data in Suyeong Bay, Busan" 한국해양환경공학회지 = Journal of the Korean society for marine environmental engineering, 14(2): 81~92 


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