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논문 상세정보

열수처리와 투석이 alginates의 평균분자량의 측정에 미치는 영향

Effects of Hot Water Treatment and Dialysis on Measuring the Average Molecular Weight of Alginates


In preparing sodium alginates from sea tangle (Laminaria japonica) powder using the Mexican process, alkaline extraction, conversion to alginic acid and reversion to sodium alginates were used to increase purity. The effect of hot water treatment and dialysis on measuring the average molecular weight of sodium alginates were investigated. Intrinsic viscosity and average molecular weight of sodium alginates after dialysis were higher than those before dialysis. Average molecular weight of sodium alginates treated with hot water was higher than that without. Hot treatment has little effect on the ash content of sodium alginates. Ash content of sodium alginates before dialysis were $27-30\%$ those after dialysis were $10\%.$ After dialysis, Na content was highest $(89-91\%),$ K was $11-12\%,$ Ca was $1.9\%,$ and Mg was $0.05\%.$ Ash content of alginates had little effect on average molecular weight. SAV (slope of apparent viscosity) of alginates solution after dialysis showed higher values than before. SAV of the alginates with hot water treatment were higher than without treatment.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Lim, Yeong-Seon ; You, Byeong-Jin 2007. "Effects of Hydrolysis Temperature on the Distribution of the Molecular Weights of Alginates Prepared from Sea Tangle, Laminaria japonica" 한국수산학회지 = Journal of the Korean Fisheries Society, 40(4): 187~192 


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