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논문 상세정보

An Analysis of the Ageing Effect on the Removal of Cesium and Cobalt from Radioactive Soil by the Electrokinetic Method


The ageing effects of radionuclides in radioactive soil on remediation using the electrokinetic method were analyzed. Comparative experiments were conducted for the reactive soil around a TRIGA research? reactor contaminated with $^{137}Cs\;and\;^{60}Co$ for 15 years and the non-reactive soil that was intentionally contaminated with $Cs^+\;and\;Co^{2+}$ for 3 days. It was observed that because of an aging effect on $^{137}Cs$, the efficiency of removing it decreased. $H_{2}SO_4$ used as an additive to increase the removal efficiency showed a higher removal capability than other chemicals for both $^{137}Cs\;and\;^{60}Co$. The efficiency of removing radionuclides from the radioactive soil in the column was proportional to the capability of the added chemical to extract radionuclides. It took 10 days to achieve a $54\%$ removal of $^{137}Cs$ and a $97\%$ removal of $^{60}Co$ from the soil. The volume of the soil wastewater discharged from the soil column by the electrokinetic method was $20\%$ below that for soil washing.

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