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논문 상세정보

Characteristics of the Integrated Steam Generators for a Liquid Metal Reactor


Various types of integrated steam generators, which integrate IHTS and a steam generator into a single unit of equipment for an LMR, were analyzed using an analytic solution with some simplification. The analysis showed that the undesirable reversed heat transfer, of which occurrence was previously observed only in an integrated single-region bundle type, can also occur in an integrated double-region bundle type. The mechanism of the reversed heat transfer occurrence in the double-region type is explained and it is shown the mechanism in the double-region type is completely different from that in the single-region type. Based on this finding, a method for preventing the aforementioned heat transfer is suggested. The performance of the four types of the integrated steam generators is assessed. For this assessment, a SG is actually designed for each type and the optimization in the geometric parameters and flow rate are optimized.

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