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논문 상세정보

The Research Regarding the Visual Continuity of the Green in the Re-development Area by Using the Aerial Photograph


In the city of Asia like Seoul and Tokyo, aggregate power is poured into the city making which is suitable in new age. Large-scale re-development is active in various places as the present condition, As for the various East Asian cities, high-level utilization conversion of the land and high conversion of the building are advanced. As for these realities, the re-development is advanced in the situation that has not been clarified enough though it is true that green of the city has decreased. This research was aimed at the clarifying the allocation of greenery when proceeding with town planning projects by quantifying the possibility of allocating greenery in the form of rooftop landscaping in redeveloped areas. Moreover, the distribution of the green in the re-development region was calculated and the coexistence level of green space was calculated, The realities of a desirable green were clarified in the spectacle by understanding a sight and spatial continuousness in the green. In order to clarify the potentiality of roof greenery revaluating, the research was conducted by analyzing from aerial photographs, in Tokyo and Seoul, And the flow of the research was conducted by selection of research object area, taking pictures, acquisition of the aerial photography, rearrangement the data and the analysis. As a result, I was able to prepare a land vegetation coverage classification chart and obtain data pertaining to the level of urban and green tract of land for the researched cities of Tokyo and Seoul. By analyzing this data, we were able to indicate patterns of greenery unable to be obtained through data from ratio of vegetation coverage and ascertain the effectiveness of rooftop landscaping.

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