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By Article two of a Japanese urban park low, it prescribes park facilities strictly, and one of the classifications includes 'path and plaza'. In addition, it is assumed that we divide several kinds different paths of width by size of the park in a path design of a park with a textbook of park design in a trunk line path, the main path, a vice-path or a branch path and design it. From such a thing, in the path of an urban park, a line consists straight of fixed width, and it is most that one pattern is considered to be. Therefore, in modem urban park, a path and division of a plaza are lucid explanation. It is rare that the historical parks which generally former daimyo gardens are shown later, and is used as a kind of an urban park width of the path where was particularly posted in a strolling garden in that is fixed, and width waits straight for even a line and waits, and, for this, there is. As a result, it is a path and the situation that are hard to be distinguished of a plaza. Although there are a difference of design and a difference of pavement materials in modem landscape space when We watch road surface constitution of the path that We did that will let you wait, in gross We are uniform, and it is it with a result to be poor in change nature. From such an observation, this consideration compared traditional landscape space and modem landscape space with path width about two points of road surface constitution through the trial that a graph analyzed the actual place data which measured into and lectured on an ideal method of a park path from this.

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