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논문 상세정보


Shiwha Lake is an excellent example of a body of water restored from a state of heavy pollution to a cleaner and more ecological state. This paper will explore techniques and methods available to landscape planning for the creation of new migratory birds habitats in Shiwha Lake. Because Shiwha lake is located adjacent to a new industrial site on reclaimed land, any planning effort aimed at restoring bird habitats must carefully consider the existing context. This plan had 3 goals; (1) to restore the coastal environment, (2) to create a habitat for migratory birds, and (3) to administer environmental education programs. To achieve these goals, several objectives were determined and planning criteria were proposed for topology, water environment(fresh, brackish and salt water swamps), zoning(for experts and general visitors), circulations, planting and mounding. The flora and fauna of the site was surveyed, and 5 alternatives were suggested and compared in several aspects. Planting species were carefully selected considering target birds and habitat requirements. In order to increase bio-diversity of the site, the plan proposed multi-staired mounds and extensive drainage systems. Bird watching facilities with natural materials, and the remote observing system using CCTV and the internet were some of the ecological techniques recommended by the plan. The bird watching trails are divided into two different zones for experts and general visitors.

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