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미립피복 로릭산 슬러리의 층류 관내 대류 열전달에 관한 연구

A Study on Convective Heat Transfer of Microcapsulated Lauric Acid Slurry in Laminar Flows Through a Circular Pipe


The objective of the present study is to reveal thermal characteristic of micro-capsulated lauric acid slurry, which has high latent heat during phase change from solid to liquid, in circular pipe. Tests were performed with the microcapsulated lauric acid slurry in the heating test section with a constant heat flux boundary condition. Local Nusselt number and the effective thermal capacity were measured. As the sizes of microcapsulated lauric acids were increased, local Nusselt numbers of microcapsulated lauric acid slurries were increased. The effective thermal capacity of microcapsulated lauric acid slurry was 1.43 times larger than that of water.

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