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논문 상세정보

전산해석에 의한 자동차용 HVAC 시스템의 성능 연구

A Numerical Study for Performance of Automotive HVAC System


In automotive air handling system, mixing of air streams by the cooler and the heater affects the comfort of cabin room. In the present study, computer-aided analysis is done to improve the thermal comfort and for the optimal design of automotive HVAC system. The simulation software used was FLUENT, and complicate geometries were created by three dimensional CAD. Air flow volume, fir distribution rate and temperature controllability and temperature differences between upper and lower discharge air are analyzed through numerical simulation at vent, floor and defrost mode. Also, velocity vector of sirocco fan is investigated through the scroll housing. The velocity vector magnitude is larger at lower region of fan than that at any other regions. Recirculation and disturbance of air is relatively high near the cut-off edge in the scroll housing. By using the results of this study, the time for prototype production can be reduced and timely decisions can be made to determine initial design directions.

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