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논문 상세정보


A numerical method is developed for computing the free surface flows around a transom stern of a ship at a high Froude number. At high speed, the flow may be detached from the flat transom stern. In the limit of the high Froude number, the problem becomes a planning problem. In the present study, we make the finite-element computations for a transom stern flows around a wedge-shaped floating ship. The numerical method is based on the Hamilton's principle. The problem is formulated as an initial value problem with nonlinear free surface conditions. In the numerical procedures, the domain was discretized into a set of finite elements and the numerical quadrature was used for the functional equation. The time integrations of the nonlinear free surface condition are made iteratively at each time step. A set of large algebraic equations is solved by GMRES(Generalized Minimal RESidual, Saad and Schultz 1986) method which is proven very efficient. The computed results are compared with previous numerical results obtained by others.

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