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2성분 혼합물질의 층류 막비등에서 복사열전달의 효과

Effect of Radiation on Laminar Film Boiling of Binary Mixtures


This paper presents the results of a theoretical study of the effect of radiation during free convective laminar film boiling for methanol/water binary mixtures on an isothermal vertical wall at atmospheric pressure. With the well-known boundary layer theory as a basis, a theoretical model has been formulated into consideration for mass diffusion at liquid phase. The equations are numerically solved by a similarity method to investigate the effects of radiation emissivity on the surface with various parameters such as wall superheat and composition of more volatile component at liquid phase far from the wall. From the results, the distributions of the physical quantifies are investigated in both phases. New correlations are proposed to predict the heat transfer coefficient of binary mixtures. It is shown that the proposed correlations are in good agreement with numerical results and with Bromley's correlation within maximum $11\%$ errors. It is also found that as the wall superheat is increased, radiation effect becomes more important.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Choi, Yong-Don ; Kang, Yong-Tae ; Kim, Nae-Hyun ; Kim, Man-Hoe ; Park, Kyoung-Kuhn ; Park, Byung-Yoon ; Park, Jin-Chul ; Hong, Hi-Ki 2007. "Recent Progress in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Research - A Review of Papers Published in the Korean Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering in 2004 and 2005 -" 설비공학논문집 = Korean journal of air-conditioning and refrigeration engineering, 19(1): 94~131 


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