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논문 상세정보

트랙터용 토로이달 무단변속기 제어시스템 개발(I) - 제어시스템 시뮬레이션

Development of a Toroidal CVT Controller for Agricultural Tractor (I) - Simulation for control system -


Most of tractors in the world have manual gear transmission, and some of small tractors have hydrostatic trans-mission(HST). Since the HST is expensive and has low power efficiency, it is being used for only small garden tractors. The continuously variable transmission(CVT) is an alternative to the HST or power-shift gear transmissions. The driver of the CVT tractor doesn't have to operate a shift lever since the CVT controller automatically controls the speed of tractor. Thus, it is much easier to operate the CVT tractor. For the easy and stable control of the CVT tractor, an appropriate control algorithm should be developed and the dynamic modeling should be carried out before making the prototype of CVT controller. This study was conducted to develop a simulation model of the CVT control system needed to develop a PID control algorithm. The simulation model consisted of variator dynamics, hydraulic system and control computer. And the simulation model was verified by experiment. The results obtained in this study can be utilized in the design of CVT tractors for practical use, but a lot of field tests and improvement of softwares would be necessary.

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