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이소플라본을 투여한 난소절제 흰쥐 대퇴골의 생체역학적 분석

The Biomechanical Characteristics of Isoflavone-Treated Ovariectomized Rat's Femur


This study was to investigate the biomechanical characteristics of isoflavone-treated ovariectomized growing rat's femur. 4-week-old Wistar (female rats were randomly divided into 5 groups and assigned to sham(SH) group, and four ovariectomized groups consisting of one ovariectomized(OVX) group and genisetin(10 mg/kg b.w. )(OVX+G), daidzein(10 mg/kg b.w.)(OVX+D), and 17 $\beta$-estradiol(10 $\mu$g/kg b.w.)(OVX+ES) in AIN-76 modified diet for 8 weeks. The OVX groups gained more body weight than the SH group. Femoral weight was increased by feeding genistein and estradiol, whereas femoral length among groups was not significantly different. The breaking farce, stiffness, deformation, and energy values of the OVX group were lower than those of other groups. The stress, strain, and Young's modulus values of the OVX group were higher than those of other groups.

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